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Ming Yi Guan

Ming Yi Guan in partnership with Beijing Hospital of TCM (“Ming Yi Guan”) is the first and largest integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) treatment facility in Singapore. The centre is located at the House of Tan Yeok Nee, a gazetted National Monument within the Orchard Road Precinct.

Beijing Hospital of TCM is one of the most esteemed TCM hospitals in Beijing. It is the only Beijing municipal-governed and highest grading (Grade 3A) comprehensive TCM hospital in Beijing. The hospital is affiliated to the Capital Medical University in Beijing and tasked with overseeing Beijing city’s TCM treatments, education, research and disease prevention. Ming Yi Guan is Beijing Hospital of TCM’s first treatment facility outside of China and in South East Asia.

Positioned as a premier one-stop TCM treatment centre, Ming Yi Guan is staffed by one of the finest teams of highly qualified TCM physicians from Beijing and Singapore with strong and extensive practising track record.

Ming Yi Guan offers a holistic suite of services including customised prescription of Chinese herbal medicine, medicinal herb brewing, packing and delivery services, acupuncture, moxibustion and tuina, a popular form of Chinese therapeutic massage. The premium TCM centre also hosts an event hall and an auditorium, where regular health talks and exhibitions can be conducted to educate the public and raise the awareness and knowledge of TCM in Singapore.

Perennial owns an effective interest of 50% in Ming Yi Guan and is its first healthcare business in Singapore.


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